Sticker Recycling Program

Have extra stickers laying around that you aren’t using? Let us find them a new home!

Send your stickers to:

PO Box 151086
Alexandria, VA 22315

Why Recycle Your Stickers?

Reduce Clutter

Clear up your space by getting rid of stickers you aren’t using.

Give Back

Help make someones day by giving the gift of free stickers.

Reduce Waste

Instead of throwing away old stickers you are not using, let us give them a second life.

How We Use Recycled Stickers

Stickers collected in our sticker recycling program are used in one of two ways:

Free Sticker Giveaways

We have given away tens of thousands of stickers for free. One of the ways we are able to do so is through receiving stickers from the public.

Art Projects

Some of the stickers we receive as part of the recycling program will be used as part of sticker art projects. These art projects will typically consist of collages (or sticker bombs) created using many different stickers. We are currently saving up stickers for a large gallery installation.

Sticker Recycling Guidelines

Stickers That We Accept

Just about any sticker is fine as long as long as it is in decent condition and does not go against our guidelines. All sizes, shapes, colors and materials are welcome!

Stickers in poor condition; including but not limited to water damage, rips, and/or damaged backing that reduces stickiness.

Stickers that contain violent, hateful, or harmful content.

All stickers we receive that violate our guidelines and polices will be trashed.

Recycle Your Stickers

Whether you have just a few laying around or thousands collecting dust in a box, we’ll take them!

Send your stickers to:

PO Box 151086
Alexandria, VA 22315

Feel free to include a SASE with your stickers to get back free stickers in return!