September Sticker Update

Thank You For Your Support!

We have grown way faster than we expected since our first batch of sticker packs went out September 1st. We went from about 115 subscribers to over 3,200 subscribers in a little over 2 weeks! That means we will be sending out over 32,000 free stickers in October!

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October Signup Deadline

To ensure that everyone who has signed up gets a high-quality, personalized sticker pack, we are setting our October deadline a little earlier this month. Everyone who signs up after Friday September, 18th at Midnight EST will get their first pack in November.

How you can give back

A lot of you have mentioned that you would like to help give back to us for providing this free service, which we greatly appreciate! Here are 3 optional ways that you could help us out if you are interested:

1. Send in stickers

If you are a sticker artist, we’d love to feature your stickers in our sticker packs to help spread your art across the country. Contact us to find out more.

If you are a sticker collector that has stickers to spare, send them in to us and we’ll include them in our packs. Similarly, if you get stickers from us that you aren’t a fan of, send them back and we’ll try to find them a better home.

You can send stickers to:

PO Box 151086
Alexandria, VA 22315 USA

Make sure you include your contact information so we know who sent them. We’ll give you a shoutout on social media if you’d like.

2. Reach out to companies

Do you have a favorite company that you’d like to see featured in our monthly sticker packs?

Many of you are familiar with reaching out to companies through their contact page and asking for stickers. You can help by politely telling companies you love their products and that you would like to see their stickers featured in StickerSoup. Give a brief description of what StickerSoup is and tell them to contact us to find out how to be featured.

If you are interested in reaching out to companies for us but would like a better idea of what to say, contact us and we can get you set up with a basic script.

3. Donate

Several of you on reddit recommended adding a donate button to the website to allow donations.

At first we were against the idea because we did not want to take money from our sticker subscribers. Our goal has always been to finance the free sticker packs through corporate sponsorships so subscribers don’t have to pay. However, it turns out that sending out 32,000+ free sticker is pretty expense. Especially when it’s all coming out of the 20-something year old’s personal savings at the moment! So for now, we decided to accept donations from anyone who is interested until we can bring on some corporate sponsors.

At the end of the day, we just want other sticker collectors to have access to cool stickers. If you share that same belief, and have some money to spare, the donate option is for you.

The donated money will help pay for cool new sticker designs and shipping costs for upcoming packs. You can donate through PayPal here:

Update Preferences

Many of you were also asking if you could update your preferences so we created an update your preferences page. When updating your preferences, it over-writes your previous preferences, so make sure you select all of the categories you are interested in, not just the new ones you’d like to add. You can also update your address if you move.

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