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Find out how you can help support us here at StickerSoup!

Ways To Support StickerSoup

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Shop Our Store

The best way to support us is by purchasing stickers from our shop. Every purchase comes with additional free stickers and 10% of profits are donated towards helping end hunger. Free shipping in the US!

Stick Up Your Stickers

Don’t just let your stickers collect dust! Share the joy of stickers with the world. Stick your stickers on something where they will be seen by others.

Show Off Your Stickers

We love to see where people display their StickerSoup stickers! Take a picture of where you put your stickers and post it to social media.

Recycle Unwanted Stickers

Feel free to send back any stickers that you are not a fan of so we can try to find them a better home.

PO Box 151086
Alexandria, VA 22315

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