StickerSoup Premium Sticker Pack v1


V1 includes a variety of our favorite stickers that we released over the past few years. Each sticker is made from durable weather resistant vinyl. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Premium StickerSoup® stickers are now available for purchase! Our first edition premium sticker pack includes more than 20 stickers featuring a variety of sticker designs that we have released over the past two years. Many of these stickers not available for sale anywhere else!


Sticker Sizes:

Stickers vary in size between 1in to 4in tall and 1in to 3in wide.

Sticker Material:

Each sticker is printed on durable weather resistant vinyl; great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Content Rating:

PG-13 – Some stickers may not be considered appropriate for children so parental discretion is advised.


LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! Only 500 V1 sticker packs were made. Grab one of these collector’s items while you still can!


Made in the USA.

10% of all StickerSoup profits are donated towards helping end hunger.

Every order comes with additional free stickers from StickerSoup and friends!

Free shipping for orders in the US. $10 for international shipping.



See where others put their stickers!

(Note: pictures include additional stickers not featured in this sticker pack)

Stickered Water Bottle

Stickered Water Bottle

Stickered Water Bottle

Surf toy with sticker soup stickers on it with a ocean background


Weight 28 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in


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