StickerSoup Lite Sticker Pack v1.5


StickerSoup Lite V1.5 includes more than 10 awesome stickers made from durable weather resistant vinyl. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!

Made in the USA. 🇺🇸 

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Introducing StickerSoup® Lite v1.5! This special edition sticker pack features several of our favorite sticker designs from v1 in addition to brand new stickers not available anywhere else!


Number of Stickers: More than 10

Sticker Sizes: Stickers vary in size between 1in to 3.5in tall and 1in to 3in wide

Sticker Material: Durable weather resistant vinyl; great for both indoor and outdoor use

Family Friendly: Stickers are suitable for all ages


Why order from StickerSoup?

🎁 Get free stickers with every purchase

🥫 10% of profits are donated towards helping end hunger

✈️ Free shipping on orders in the USA


Artists featured in this edition:

and more!


Stickers featured in this edition:


Eye Spaceman Sticker close up

Eye Spaceman Sticker

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Dino Lovers Sticker

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No Balloons Sticker Close up

No Balloons Sticker

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Drink More Water Sticker close up

Drink More Water Sticker

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Weight 28 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in


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