Canceal Culture x StickerSoup Giveaway [COMPLETED]

Get FREE stickers from StickerSoup and Canceal Culture!

Giveaway Description

Two randomly selected participants will receive free stickers from @cancealculture and StickerSoup®. Each winner will receive 50+ stickers as well as a pin, a magnet, and keychain from Canceal Culture. Winners will be notified by email and have their first names listed on this page after the drawing.

Giveaway Details

Number of winners: 2

Prize: Each winner will receive:

  • 50+ stickers designed by StickerSoup® and Canceal Culuture (includes some duplicate stickers)
  • a magnet from Canceal Culture
  • a pin from Canceal Culture
  • a key chain from Canceal Culture

Start Date: May 4th, 2023

Entry Deadline: June 5th, 2023

Drawing Date: Within 7 business days of entry deadline

Shipping: Stickers will be mailed out via USPS within 7 business days after the drawing date.

Giveaway Restrictions

Only one entry per person.

Must be 18 years old or older to enter.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

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About Canceal Culture

CancealCulture Presents: An Artist’s Bio.

First established in 2022 after years of sticker trades and donations world wide. Artists everywhere treat sticky paper as a mini-adhesive canvas. Realizing stickers had become far more than just a quick way to represent a tag; this was actually a sticker Culture. 

Beginning with sticker blanks featuring Culture parodies, Cancealing what images came before. The same way sticker art can Canceal the ugly and create irony out of a trash can. 

The CancealCulture name was born, and with that, Our world of Culture began!

Since CancealCulture has Presented a combination of Street and Modern art, from sticker art to fashion to dual purpose art pieces. CancealCulture Presents something for Everybody! 

CancealCulture offers custom, personalized work, from acrylic on canvas to digital artwork. From functional made-to-order miniature desk trash can sets known as CottonBins to creating fingerboarding dioramas that feature even smaller stickers, CultureParks are diorama quality artworks that serve a dual purpose. Creating miniature works of art as one-of-a-kind functional fingerboarding obstacles and shelf-worthy pieces that will take a boarding! 

We support expressing and embracing Culture’s, in all of their diversity, something we hope we can All share.

We’d love to share some of our Culture with You and we are always open for contact! 

Our friends at StickerSoup Presents with our great appreciation, those contacts with you now~ 

Mini Trash Can Stickers

Each winner of this giveaway will receive 10 Canceal Culture x StickerSoup mini trash can stickers that were featured in our v2 sticker packs. Help support StickerSoup so that we can continue doing giveaways by ordering a v2 sticker pack today!

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